Bauer Farm Pond-Autumn 8x10 acrylic on panel 495.00I am a Romantic Realist, and “just plain art” is my philosophy. The meaning of the word, “plain” -outspoken candor, truth, simplicity, ordinary, humble, common, and even a wide open expanse of untouched land describes it. My mission is to seek, create, promote and teach “the art of plain”. Being outside, walking, observing the passing of time, and the effect light has on natural things – trees, leaves, shells, rocks, land and sea, and the romance it evokes. Then to record and share these earthscapes with paint and pen. Look for prints on the press page and original paintings and affordable small works in the Gallery.

This love for the earth and the changing light of the sun is expressed in the paintings, poems and stories in my books and cards, and what I teach in classes.

feature4Inspiration is very important to me. “anything is possible” is a phrase I believe in! As a calligrapher, it was very difficult for me to create a font for these words that is so innocent, and trusting, as to be childlike, with a smiley emoticon. I want to spread this message, on soft, healthy (for you and the environment, and the people who create them) unisex organic cotton tees. White on sky-is-the-limit blue. Look for other products with this message in the future.
The Light – For the dreamers, believers and achievers – Anything is possible. 🙂

Don't Judge Me  organic cotton Tee shirt 25.00 + tax and shippingThen there is “The Dark Side” – red on night-black (unisex organic cotton) tees. The vampire emoticon series. This is about comedy/satire. Laughter is good. Wear these shirts and get chuckles everywhere you go! The reactions you get will make you want to wear it every day. Embrace your mischievous, night-loving dark side. They look great with hoodies.
The Dark Side, the mischievous, the creatures of the night – the love for all nocturnal, is this fiend’s delight! >:)

feature5I love the art of writing. Calligraphy. I take commissions to do calligraphy addressing envelopes for weddings/events. In 2015 on the summer solstice (oh joy)one of my calligraphy/brides commissioned me to paint, on site, my first “Wedding Painting” – Solstice Wedding. This is performance art that the guests and the couple can watch being created, and a unique keepsake that will become a family heirloom. Portraits can also be commissioned, in paint, pencil or pen. Samples are in the Gallery.

Grace Cottage - Earth NotesThe greeting cards, or “Earth Notes” are an illustrated one page book, with a painting on the front, (or funny line drawing) and poem on the back, with a blank interior. They are for letter writing, and a framable print all in one. Each is signed by the artist, and they are limited edition. All purpose/all occasion. I am determined to bring back the art of letter writing.

-Thank you so much for visiting justplainart! See me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest too. Seize the day, remember anything is possible, and don’t judge me or I’ll bite you! – 🙂 Sara Drought Nebel